To provide housing not only for people, but also for "our younger brothers" is the goal of a new direction of charitable activity of the "Brave" society.

It was launched in February 2021, when we, together with the online publication, initiated the animal protection project "I want to go home." The goal of the project is to find a home for as many stray cats and dogs as possible, which are cared for by the Irpin Service for the Protection and Treatment of Animals.

Dozens of four-legged animals are waiting for new owners at the Center for Sterilization and Adoption of Animals, which belongs to the Service. They all receive the necessary treatment and vaccinations. A special section has been created on the website, where you can choose a pet. The Brave Society provided broad informational support for the project through outdoor social advertising.

Another animal protection initiative that the Brave Society began to take care of in April 2021 is the construction and installation of houses for stray cats, where animals can hide from the weather, keep warm in the cold season and eat. For this purpose in cat "cottages" all conditions are created. In total, at the first stage of the project we plan to install 10 such houses in Irpen.

The first cat "cottage" of a new type appeared in January in the very center of Irpen - next to the city council, on Palamarchuk Street. A sign with the contact details of the Animal Protection and Treatment Service has been installed on the house, where anyone who wants to help four-legged animals or take the animal home can get all the necessary information.