With the help of the "Brave" society, a mural dedicated to the city of Bakhmut was unveiled in Irpin.

On Sunday, April 30th, Ukrainian singer, rock musician, and composer Dasha Suvorova opened a mural dedicated to her hometown of Bachmut in Irpin. The project was implemented with the support of the local authorities and the CEO of the "Brave" society, Volodymyr Karplіuk.

From now on, the mural depicting salt from the legendary "Artemsol" will remind residents and guests of Irpin about the front-line cities that are currently bravely defending themselves. The mural was created by Ukrainian artist Ivan Shulgin on one of the buildings in the city's central square. Singer Dasha Suvorova from Bachmut initiated the project.

"Irpin has become a stronghold that took the first heavy blow during the invasion. Bachmut and Selydove are suffering now as well. And this salt embodies these cities. Unfortunately, Bachmut and Irpin have become brothers in misfortune. The city of Irpin, like the cities of Bachmut and Selydove, suffered greatly from the Russian invasion, experienced significant destruction and cruel treatment of people. Due to constant shelling and explosions that caused numerous destructions, our cities now look like this torn package of salt. But there are people here and there. Strong, brave ones. Who defend, protect, rebuild, and restore. That's why the mural became a reflection of the general idea of "Irpin and Bachmut - cities of brave people" - a wall of strength, where every person can come and share their pain," said Dasha Suvorova.

"This is only the first mural that the "Brave" society supported in Irpin. In general, we plan to create dozens of murals on the topic of the heroic defense of Irpin and the development of the city's image as the capital of Ukrainian literature. Similarly, this is only the first action we will take in Irpin together with singer Dasha Suvorova," said CEO of the "Brave" society Volodymyr Karplyuk.

Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn thanked Dasha Suvorova, the "Brave" society, Ivan Shulgin, and the head of the Irpin City Council's Culture Department.