To remind everyone about the beauty of Irpen: the "Brave" society has prepared videos about the city's objects

The group of construction companies "Tovaristvo "Vidvazhnih"" is launching a series of videos about Irpin to remind all residents and guests of the city about the beauty of the streets, squares, parks, embankment and other well-known locations of the city. The "Brave" team was the first to present a video clip about the largest Irpen embankment in the Kyiv region, which has been a favorite place for recreation and sports for the citizens and guests of Irpen for several years. The embankment is located along the Irpin River and connects the city with Kyiv via a bicycle path. The company will soon publish videos about all the city's infrastructure facilities.

"Irpin, as he is and as he will be. The team of the "Brave" society decided to remind everyone how wonderful the city of Irpin was, is and will be. Today it is already the Hero City of Irpin: it managed to restrain the defense, now the city is an example of infrastructure restoration. In fact, over the past 8 years, Irpin has shown the greatest dynamics of development: dozens of parks, new kindergartens, schools, medical centers, dispensaries, sports facilities, playgrounds, new roads and bike paths," said Volodymyr Karpluk, CEO of the "Brave" society.

The BRAVE Society is a group of construction companies that has united talented and organizationally strong people who are changing the world for the better. Partners and co-founders of the company are Volodymyr Spivak and Volodymyr Karpluk. Since 2010, the BRAVE team has built 17 residential complexes, in which more than 10,000 residents already live. The "VIDVAZHNYH" group of companies created the following projects in the field of real estate: residential complex "Novator", "Warshavsky Dvir", "Rich Town Bucha", "Bucha Kvartal", "Central Bucha", "Parkovy", "Lisova Bucha", "Poltavskyi" , "CENTRAL HOUSE", etc. So far, "Brave" LLC has commissioned the "Novator Irpin" housing complex and has begun handing over ownership rights to the "Burgundia" housing complex, which is also located in Irpin.