The Brave Society published the principles of its work

Only this year, 9 months earlier, the company "Brave" handed over the residential complex "CENTRAL HOUSE" and 11 months earlier handed over the keys to investors from their own apartments in the residential complex "Novator Irpin". And these are just this year's examples of the company's effective work to fulfill its obligations to construction investors, because for 11 years the company has been creating iconic and high-quality residential and commercial real estate projects.

According to the Brave Society, the main principles in their work are:

1. Legality. Permits at the beginning of construction.

2. Self-financing. Own investments at the start of projects.

3. Sequence. Construction of all buildings of the complex at once.

4. Client-centeredness in working with investors.

5. Timeliness. Early delivery of all residential complexes.

6. Professionalism. Attracting the best designers and builders.

7. Experience. 11 years in the real estate market.

8. Completeness. Connection to all communications at delivery of LCD.

9. Profitability. Extremely profitable real estate investments.

10. Communication. Inform clients about the best investment opportunities.

The Brave Society is a group of construction companies that brings together talented and organizationally strong people who are changing the world for the better. Volodymyr Spivak and Volodymyr Karplyuk are partners and co-founders of the company.

Since 2010, the team of "Brave" has built 17 residential complexes, which already have more than 10 thousand inhabitants. The group of companies "Brave" has created the following projects in the field of real estate: LCD "Novator", "Warsaw Yard", "Rich Towne Bucha", "Bucha Quarter", "Central Bucha", "Park", "Forest Bucha", "Poltava" etc.

The company "Vavazhnykh" put into operation the residential complex "CENTRAL HOUSE" 9 months ahead of schedule and 11 months earlier handed over the keys to investors from the apartments of the residential complex "Novator Irpin". Currently, the company is actively building the Burgundia residential complex and will soon present a new residential complex in Irpen.