The "BRAVE" society handed over the keys to the apartment to Iryna Kolyadenko

European champion, Olympic bronze medalist, world-famous wrestler Iryna Kolyadenko already has her own dream apartment in Irpen. She has just received the keys to the apartment that was given to her by the Society of the Brave. Now Iryna will furnish her home in the modern Burgundia residential complex.

Volodymyr Spivak, director of the Brave Society:

"Iryna Kolyadenko is the best in wrestling among women. Likewise, the residential complex "Burgundia" is the best in the suburbs of Kyiv. The "Brave" society made a decision a year ago that Iryna Kolyadenko should have her own home. And today we are glad that our champion received the keys and ownership of her apartment."

Iryna herself admits that if she had to choose her place of residence again, it would be Irpin again.

Iryna Kolyadenko, European champion, Olympic bronze medalist:

"This is a cool city that I love very much and I am proud to live here. Thank you very much for supporting me after the Olympic Games and giving me the opportunity to continue my career in our city and develop it."

Volodymyr Yaremenko, the trainer of the athlete, came to rejoice for his ward and thank the "Brave".

Volodymyr Yaremenko, coach of Iryna Kolyadenko:

"I want to say that the "Brave" Society is an example to follow throughout our country. This is a very broad gesture, and it is very necessary for athletes, for the future of young people who glorify our country with their achievements. That's why the "Brave" Society is the choice of champions."