The best promotional offers from the company "VIDVAZHNYH"

Promotional offers are a good opportunity to make an important purchase and at the same time save significantly. The construction company "VIDVAZHNYH" society has prepared special conditions for the purchase of apartments in all its residential complexes.

  • Apartment at 3% under the state mortgage program "eOselya"

"VIDVAZHNYH" society is pleased to inform you that together with us you can buy housing under the state program "eOselya". Certain categories of citizens can buy housing at 3% per annum: military personnel, law enforcement officers, doctors, teachers and scientists. The preferential rate for the entire term of the loan is 3%, the maximum term of the loan is 20 years with a minimum down payment of 20%. Lending is carried out by banks participating in the program: Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Globus Bank, Ukrgazbank, Sky Bank.

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  • Profitable rescheduling program in residential complexes from "VIDVAZHNYH" company

If you have long dreamed of a new, modern and comfortable home in Irpen - one of the best towns in the Kyiv region, "VIDVAZHNYH" company presents you with a new program of rescheduling without increasing the price! Currently, you can buy an apartment in installments for 12 months with a down payment of 10%. We note that during the payment of the apartment, its value does not change

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  • A ready-made apartment in the suburbs of the capital at a PROMOTIONAL PRICE!

"VIDVAZHNYH" society offers you to consider a one-room apartment of 28 m2 at a promotional price of $23,520. Here, every meter is calculated rationally and economically - a spacious kitchen-living room with a loggia, a corridor and a bathroom.

For more information about these and other offers, ask the department of real estate operations of the company "VARDOVAZNYKH":

096 888 07 82

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050 888 07 82

The Brave Society is a group of construction companies that has united talented and organizationally strong people who are changing the world for the better. Partners and co-founders of the company are Volodymyr Spivak and Volodymyr Karpluk.

Since 2010, the "Brave" team has built 17 residential complexes, in which more than 10,000 residents already live. The "Brave" group of companies created the following projects in the field of real estate: residential complex "Novator", "Warshavskyi Dvir", "Rich Town Bucha", "Bucha Kvartal", "Central Bucha", "Parkovy", "Lisova Bucha", "Poltavskyi" , "CENTRAL HOUSE", etc. Only last year, 9 months earlier, the "Brave" society leased the residential complex "CENTRAL HOUSE" and 11 months earlier, it handed over the keys to investors to their own apartments in the residential complex "Novator Irpin". This year, the company handed over the keys to the residential complex "Burgundia", which is also located in Irpen.