Society "Brave" undertook to take care of the club "Second Youth"

Quarantine discharge in Neznayka Park on Friday morning. Members of the club "Second Youth", as usual, in good humor and great shape. Learn to play petanque. Experiencing a new gift.

Andrey Litvinov, the deputy of the Irpin city council:

"This time we gave them two fitness balls for training, and from the Society of the Brave, which this time sponsored, we gave dumbbells for training and special balls for playing petanque."

The Second Youth Club will soon be 10 years old. And its members seem to be getting younger, more beautiful and more cheerful every year, because since the club was founded they have been leading a very active life.

Nina Vasylenko, head of one of the groups of the club "Second Youth":

"Girls my age are engaged, come, try. And our team today, when we have such a quarantine and coronavirus, is trying not to get sick. "

At one time, the Second Youth was actively cared for by the public organization New Faces. Then the life of these women was especially turbulent.

Svitlana Shilova, head of the Second Youth Club:

“We went on excursions, held various extremely interesting and important events for people of our age. For several years it was very active. We also had other areas - for example, needlework, various poetic and musical meetings, lectures, etc. "

 At the beginning of its existence, the club had only four members. Today there are already half a hundred of them. But, as before, they tirelessly invent new types of leisure, master new areas of life. This is easy, because today the club actively supports the Society of the Brave.

Svetlana Shilova:

"Now the reboot has taken place, and there have already been many interesting meetings, interesting plans, which we will implement after the end of quarantine."

 You look at these girls and make sure that your youth is not really over. After all, the soul is young at any age.

Source ITV