Society "Brave" took care of homeless animals in Irpen (video)

Homes for homeless cats continue to be set up in Irpen. This time, a wooden hotel where you can relax and have a snack was set up in the backyard of the house at 80a Ukrainska Street. This is the second and even more comfortable house of this type in Irpen.

Yevhenia Melnyk, Head of the Animal Treatment and Protection Service:

"We corrected the moments that failed in the first house. And on the first day when we brought him the day before yesterday, the cats loved this place. We hope that it will be a great achievement for our citizens that our homeless animals eat in such places that their places of residence are ennobled, and that we move forward in arranging life for homeless animals. ”

 The house is really in demand, and in addition to homeless cats, dogs also come here for lunch. Although cats, of course, many times more.

Eduard Kertyk, local resident:

"Well, they are not to blame for being born cats. It is a living being, it brings some joy… Today we could see the children who were near the house. It instills in them kindness to animals. "

 From now on, anyone can feed the shaggy homeless by simply leaving something for them on the porch of a wooden house. Which will later become much more in Irpen. After all, the project is currently being implemented with the support of the Brave Society.

Volodymyr Spivak, director of Vavazhnykh LLC:

"The Brave Society is ready to open 10 cat houses in the near future together with the Animal Protection Service to support both the Service and our pets."

Source ITV