Residential complex "NOVATOR Irpen" in Irpen put into operation earlier than planned for 11 months

The company "Vavazhnykh" announced the commissioning of the residential complex "NOVATOR Irpin" earlier than planned for 11 months. Thus, the company "Brave" is the only construction company in the region, which puts housing into operation without any delays and ahead of schedule, fully fulfilling its obligations to construction investors.

From now on, the NOVATOR Irpin complex is completely handed over and is waiting for its residents to settle in the near future. NOVATOR Irpin is a comfort-class residential complex located in Irpen at 4 Hnatyuk Lane. The complex is located next to the picturesque Irpin Embankment, which serves as a place for active recreation, picnics, walks and photo shoots.

LCD "NOVATOR Irpin" is built with special quality control, using high-tech construction methods and materials of European quality.

The territory of the residential complex is closed, under guard and video surveillance. Only residents of the house have access to the apartments through the "Face-ID" system. The residential complex has an internal infrastructure with everything you need (own children's playground for indoor recreation, pharmacy, grocery store, etc.).

The Brave Society is a group of construction companies that brings together talented and organizationally strong people who are changing the world for the better. Since 2010, the team of "Brave" has built 17 residential complexes, which already have more than 10 thousand inhabitants. The group of companies "Brave" has created such real estate projects as LCD "Novator", "Warsaw Yard", "Rich Towne Bucha", "Bucha Quarter", "Central Bucha", "Park", "Forest Bucha", "Poltava »,« CENTRAL HOUSE », etc. At present, Vavazhnykh LLC has put into operation the Novator Irpin residential complex and is actively building the Burgundia residential complex located in Irpen.