LLC "Brave", "Planet Plastic" and the City Council signed a memorandum on the joint development of cycling in the Irpin community

Planeta Plastik joins the cooperation with the Irpin City Council and the Brave Society in the development of sports infrastructure in the Irpin community.

The relevant Memorandum was signed today by Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushin, Director of the Brave Society Volodymyr Spivak and Director of Planeta Plastic Kostiantyn Vashchenko.

Alexander Markushin, Irpin Mayor:

"Today we signed a memorandum with Planet Plastic. They help us very much in the development of cycling in our local community, for which we thank them very, very much. And I want to say that they are not only patrons of sports competitions, they are also a major taxpayer. We also thank them very much for that and we appreciate them very much. "

Konstantin Vashchenko, Director of Planeta Plastic LLC:

"Our company is always an active participant in city life, city development. So it was and so it will continue. This area, which is related to cycling, is also interesting, it is close to us. Therefore, friends-entrepreneurs-businessmen, support the city in development and do not be indifferent ".

We will remind, earlier such memorandum was signed also by the Ecosoft company. Ecosoft and Planeta Plastik have been actively supporting the development of cycling in the region for many years. Thanks to the strong support of local business, Irpin has already been called the "cycling capital of Kyiv region". There are regular cycling races for adults and children on a regional, national and international scale. The next event is a children's bicycle race on September 12 on the Irpin embankment.

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