Apartment at 3% under the state mortgage program "єOselya"

"VIDVAZHNYH" society is pleased to inform you that together with us you can buy housing under the state program "eOselya".

On October 1, a new program of affordable housing loans initiated by the President of Ukraine - "eOselya" - became operational in Ukraine. Certain categories of citizens can buy housing at 3% per annum: military personnel, law enforcement officers, doctors, teachers and scientists. And already on October 31, beta testing of the program started in the mobile application "Diya", which will simplify the application process and make it more accessible.

The preferential rate for the entire term of the loan is 3%, the maximum term of the loan is 20 years with a minimum down payment of 20%. Lending is carried out by banks participating in the program: Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Globus Bank, Ukrgazbank, Sky Bank.

In order to participate in the "eOselya" program, it is necessary to submit an appropriate application through the Diya state portal, specifying the desired housing and the bank to which the applicant wants to send an application (only one bank can be selected in one application). The application can be considered by the banking institution for up to 3 working days. Based on the results of consideration of the provided data, the bank will contact you by phone or e-mail and inform you about the next steps.

An adult citizen of Ukraine who works in one of the four specified population categories can become a participant in the program. The applicant must not own a dwelling with an area of more than 52.5 m2 + an additional 21 m2 for each subsequent family member (husband/wife, adult children). Also, he should not be a participant in other preferential mortgages issued earlier.

You can familiarize yourself with the list of ready-made apartments in the residential complexes of the VIDVAZHNYH company, which are available for purchase under the "eOselya" program, in the sales department: Bucha, Shevchenko St. 1A, phone +380968880782

Come to the real estate sales department of the VDOVAZNYH company, our managers will select the best housing layout!