Товариство «Відважних» - група будівельних компаній, що об’єднала талановитих та організаційно сильних людей, які змінюють світ на краще.

З 2010 року колектив “Відважних” побудував 16 житлових комплексів, в яких вже проживає 10 тисяч мешканців.

Колектив ТОВ “Відважних” створив такі проекти в галузі нерухомості, як ЖК «Новатор», «Варшавський Двір», «Rich Tоwn, Буча», «Буча Квартал», «Центральний», «Парковий», «Лісова Буча», «Полтавський», «CENTRAL HOUSE» тощо.

Це житлові комплекси з високою якістю будівництва та кращою внутрішньою інфраструктурою.

Підприємство задало відважні стандарти, які змінило підходи в роботі більшості конкурентів.

Нам довіряли свої інвестиції і ми завжди тримали слово перед інвесторами.

Товариство “Відважних” – це публічна новаторська компанія, яка демонструє нові підходи та високий рівень соціальної відповідальності.

Directions of work

  • 01. Real estate construction (multi-storey, low-rise and cottage construction)
  • 02. Construction of networks and communications.
  • 03. Design, design and construction of parks, squares, kindergartens and schools.
  • 04. Legal support in the direction of business taxation.
  • 05. Financing of start-ups and business initiatives.


Volodymyr Karpliuk

CEO of the company "BRAVE"

Each city begins with its own history, created by strong personalities. Five years ago, the revival of the city of Irpin began with bold ideas and bold decisions that formed the basis of dozens of urban facilities. Having implemented a number of infrastructure projects, the team of the company "Brave" focused on new business projects. Presenting our activities to you, we will first of all tell you about the extremely beautiful city of Irpin and its tourist, economic and investment opportunities.

But above all, Irpin is a city of literature. This is where the author of "Neznayko" Mykola Nosov was born and this is where we created the Writers' Park. That is why we have launched and sponsored the Irpen Literary Prize, which has already become an annual event and is one of the three most prestigious in Ukraine.

Our plans are patronage of Ukrainian science. We will create a fund that will finance the support of young Ukrainian scientists, possibly starting from the school desk.

Irpin will definitely become a center of culture and science.

Because Irpin is a city of bold ideas!

Volodymyr Spivak

Director of the company "BRAVE"

The "Brave" team is capable of urban planning solutions that will adorn every community for decades.

The people who joined our team have implemented many objects of social infrastructure in Irpen: reconstructed a children's clinic, participated in the construction of parks, developed concepts for the creation of the Central Square and the Embankment.

The founders of the company "Brave" at their own expense erected a monument to Taras Shevchenko in the center of Irpen, which has become a real decoration of the city.

Our task is to create new projects that will make the life of citizens as comfortable as possible.

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