The Brave Society is a group of construction companies that brings together talented and organizationally strong people who are changing the world for the better.

Since 2010, the team of "Brave" has built 16 residential complexes, which already have 10 thousand inhabitants.

The team of Vavazhnykh LLC has created such real estate projects as ZhK Novator, Varshavsky Dvir, Rich Tovn, Bucha, Bucha Kvartal, Tsentralny, Parkovy, Lisova Bucha, Poltavsky. »,« CENTRAL HOUSE », etc.

Directions of work

  • 01. Real estate construction (multi-storey, low-rise and cottage construction)
  • 02. Construction of networks and communications.
  • 03. Design, design and construction of parks, squares, kindergartens and schools.
  • 04. Legal support in the direction of business taxation.
  • 05. Financing of start-ups and business initiatives.


Brave Projects
Brave and partners Projects


Irpin: Prospects and Plans for Reconstruction in 2023

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Irpin - the capital of Ukrainian literature

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The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine published statistics of new buildings as of 04/26/2023

Chief Business Development Officer of LUN and a member of the board of directors of the KBU, Olena Unanyan presented current real estate statistics fo...

The mural "Bakhmut, with you Irpin" was opened in Irpen

In Irpin, the opening of the mural "Bakhmut, with you Irpin", dedicated to the hometown of Ukrainian singer, rock musician, and composer Dasha Suvorov...

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